Giblets: Here’s where you can download Windows 10 ISOs


Are you struggling with the Windows 10 upgrade? Many people are reporting that Windows Update’s mechanism isn’t working for them, and some others, like our own Delano, have been having issues with the upgrade itself. Well, don’t despair! Microsoft has launched a support site for downloading Windows 10 ISOs and these are the same as the ones that will be distributed to the retail channel, so the 30-day grace period will probably still be intact. If you’re also still not sure if Windows 10 is for you, you can either download one of those ISOs and install it onto a virtual machine or a spare PC for testing, or you can take advantage of the 90-day trial period for Windows 10 Enterprise for an extended testing period. It doesn’t include many of the apps added by default to the consumer versions, but it is otherwise identical.

Source: Microsoft