Star Wars Battlefront gets a Team Deathmatch mode called Blast


Developer DICE has detailed a new game for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront. Blast mode will pit two teams of 10 players against each other in a 10 minute match. Whichever team reaches 100 kills first, wins the game. If the 10 minutes runs out before a team hits 100 kills, the team with the highest body count wins.

DICE is calling this a “classic, core game mode”, and there are a number of gameplay elements that keep the mode grounded in tradition. For a start, there’ll be weapon pick-ups in this mode that will bolster your starting load-out. There won’t be any vehicles or Hero characters in Blast, so the focus is definitely on fast-paced, team encounters.

Insofar as maps go, DICE’s level designers have made Blast version of the existing maps. Those existing maps will be tweaked in order to better fit the fast-paced requirements of Blast. As such, levels are smaller and will force encounters. They’ll also look a little different: “Say you’ve just played Walker Assault mode on Hoth and then switched to Blast, still on Hoth,” lead level designer Dennis Brännvall says, “Thanks to variations in lighting and time of day, you’ll definitely see a difference.”

Star Wars Battlefront hits PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 17 November.

Source: Star Wars Battlefront