Watch this: 10 minutes of Total War Warhammer gameplay


This pre-alpha gameplay footage has made me happy. It’s made really happy. Like many dorky kids in the nineties, I grew up playing the original table-top version of Warhammer. My friends and I would spend weekends playing battles and arguing about rules until school started again on Monday. One topic would always come up: when were they going to make a decent Warhammer computer game. Earlier attempts at PC games based on Warhammer Fantasy Battle never really fulfilled our impossible wishlists, because hardware at the time was, well, rubbish really. Who would have thought we’d all eventually get the game we wanted, 18 years later? Because that’s pretty much what’s happening here with Total War: Warhammer.

Creative Assembly and publisher Sega have released a 10-minute look at 2016’s Total War: Warhammer. This is pre-alpha gameplay footage on show here, and it’s beautiful.

The footage below shows off The Battle of Black Fire Pass. This is one of the Quest Battles that will be unique to Empire Lord Karl Franz, should you choose him as your Lord for the game’s campaign story. Franz’s enormous army faces off with a Greenskin army led by Orc Warboss Grimgor Ironhide.

If you know about the units that belong to the races in the table-top game, then this footage is a treat. There are shamans, war boars, black orcs, Doom Diver catapults (which you can pilot! Oh gosh you can PILOT THE DOOM DIVERS!), demigryphs, giants, bile-puking stone trolls… it’s just all so wonderful and I’ve absolutely punched my ticket for the Total War: Warhammer Hype Train.

Check it out: