P.T. horrifies once more via incredible fan remake

A scene from PuniTy. Colour me impressed.

If, like me, you were unable to play P.T. when it was still readily available, the game is a symbol of corporate disdain for the medium as an art form, and the worst facets of closed, purely digital distribution platforms. Playthroughs on YouTube fail to capture the intensity of the experience and the shared community that surrounded the game’s brief life.

Well, thanks to one fan’s obsessive need for accuracy, P.T. has been recreated in a Unity student project, PuniTy. Farhan Qureshi started the project as an assignment for a 3D modelling workshop but — like the subtle horrific changes that underwent that now famous L-shaped hallway — it took on a life of its own.

Over the course of 104-hours and a month, Qureshi basically turned a simple interior modelling project into a compressed version of the P.T. experience, with the loop gone but some subtle tricks used to keep the player traversing the hallway back and forth to its end while replicating P.T.’s signature style with superbly implemented graphic filters. Reading through Qureshi’s blog on his deliberations and modelling choices (Such as the details of animating realistic cockroaches) just enforces the care he took in reproducing P.T.‘s legacy.

If you want to get the demo before it gets Konami’ed (def [verb]: An ill-thought erasure of an artistic work or artist done for nebulous or  malicious reasons), you can grab it at itch.io here. I also recommend giving Qureshi’s blog a read. I’d love to get some feedback from fans that have played the original and can compare it. Let us know in the comments!

Source: Killscreen