Gamescom 2015: You’ll be able to sing in Guitar Hero Live


It’s Gamescom week, so expect a ton of new information on upcoming games, and hopefully a couple of new game announcements as we barrel towards Sunday. The first bit of information to drop from the largest video game expo in the world is that October’s Guitar Hero Live will allow you to sing.

In a new behind the scenes developer diary, FreeStyleGames has revealed that you’ll be able to plug in a microphone to get access to a vocals and lyrics line above the guitar highway. It’ll look instantly familiar to anyone who has sung in previous rhythm genre games.

The vocalist will be scored separately from whoever is playing guitar, and, according to Activision, their performance won’t affect the guitarist’s. Any USB microphone will work, and if the rhythm genre got its talons into you all those years ago, then it’s likely you have a microphone lying around at home already. Just dust it off before you stick it near your face.

You can check out the whole dev diary below, which also goes into detail on the game’s progress through its career mode, and the rather exciting Guitar Hero TV.

Guitar Hero Live is out on 10 October 2015 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Via: Polygon