Dragon Age: Inquisition – The Descent announced

DAI cover 2

The next chapter in BioWare’s Dragon Age: Inquisition has been unveiled, and it will take players deep underground. Titled The Descent, the DLC sees you tasked with investigating the cause of a series of earthquakes which are allowing Darkspawn hordes to attack the surface world. Hit the jump for the trailer.

According to the official Dragon Age: Inquisition website, The Descent promises “Dragon Age’s biggest, seamless dungeon”. There’s mention of meeting new characters and learning more dwarven history, but there aren’t any details about new companions. The trailer also ends with the promise of revealing “a secret that will shake the world to its core”. What is this secret? I don’t know, but I suddenly want to find out.

The Descent launches next week Tuesday, August 11th, for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. If you’re still playing Inquisition on PS3 or Xbox 360, then you’ll have to miss out on this DLC because BioWare is no longer supporting the old consoles with content packs. The price is expected to be in the R150 range, judging by previous DLC packs.

Source: dragonage.com