Crackdown 3, one of the Xbox One’s most anticipated exclusives, just got a gameplay trailer thanks to Gamescom 2015. Well, when we say “gameplay trailer” we really mean that there is some gameplay on display that’s been shot while it’s playing on a developer’s screen. It’s one of those hype-inducing-dev-diary-look-at-how-hard-we-are-working-on-this sort of trailers.

If you watched Microsoft’s press event then you’ve seen this. For those who didn’t however, this is Crackdown 3 in its current state.

The game is looking great! It’s also looking very destructive. Imagine games with environmental destruction; now imagine that with enough bravado and machismo to match the tongue-in-cheek tone of the Crackdown series. Yeah, we’ll be able to topple skyscrapers. Well, we will in multiplayer at least, according to the trailer. Because you’re playing multiplater, the game utilises Microsoft’s servers to outsource the computational power needed to work all that destructive physics into the game world. In some instances (as you’ll see in the extended presentation video at the very bottom) there will be multiple servers rendering the same multiplayer location. So one server might govern the physics of one skyscraper, while a physically separate server controls the physics for a neighbouring skyscraper.

As clever and exciting as that sounds, there are alarm bells going off in my head. Microsoft servers and South Africa don’t go very well together, so I have to admit I’m a little concerned that Crackdown 3’s physics (albeit in multiplayer) isn’t processed on your console. Are we potentially looking at another non-starter, like we had with Titanfall? Hope not, because I want to blow up enormous skyscrapers, damn it.

Be aware that the video below is essentially of a tech demo for Crackdown 3. Things have been purposefully tweaked to show off what the development team has in mind.

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