Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament kicks off this evening


Blizzard’s second big expansion for Hearthstone is out today! Wait! Don’t log in just yet; The Grand Tournament isn’t live yet.

You’re going to have check back in at 19:00 this evening, local South African time, as that’s when the doors will officially open for The Grand Tournament. The expansion has been available for pre-order for a few weeks now, and those who opted to pre-order would have gotten 50 packs of Grand Tournament cards for $49 or €45 depending on the server region you’re linked to. There’s still a chance to nab that pre-order deal as it will be available in the Hearthstone shop up until 19:00 tonight when the expansion officially launches.

We’ll have a review for The Grand Tournament expansion going live later in the week, so be sure to swing back to hear whether or not the new rules and cards are worth checking out.

Via: Twitter