Harmonix reveals Rock Band 4 compatible controllers list; Xbox One needs an adaptor


Harmonix has revealed a list of previous rhythm game controllers that will be compatible with Rock Band 4 when the game releases in early October. The list is not complete and the team has said that they are constantly testing third-party controllers to figure out further compatibility. As such, this list could be added to as we draw closer to launch.

Interestingly, the Xbox One version of the game will require an adaptor in order to make previous controllers compatible on the console. Dubbed the “Legacy Game Controller Adaptor”, the wireless dongle will allow you to connect up to four Xbox 360 legacy controllers to your Xbox One. A Legacy Adaptor bundle of Rock Band 4 will be available, and it’s pegged at $79.99 (about R1, 000.00 at the current abysmal exchange rate).

The PlayStation 4 version of Rock Band 4 will not require any adaptors; PlayStation 3 and even some PlayStation 2 controllers will work. You can see the full list after the jump.


Source: Harmonix Blog