Razer and NZXT announce the “Designed by Razer” S340 chassis


In a collaboration by NZXT and Razer, the two companies last year created a one-off special edition version of the H440, with green highlights for things like the USB 3.0 ports and Razer’s logo illuminated on the chassis. Keeping up the partnership once more, the two companies have jointly announced the “Designed by Razer” NZXT S340, a mid-tower chassis that will now come in a special Razer-fied flavour that looks kind of appealing, if you’re a Razer fan to begin with.

This version of the S340 doesn’t have any internals changed or modified, so it still tops out at supporting the full ATX specification, it still accommodates two 240mm radiators on the front and top panels, and it still only fits two 2.5-inch drives and two 3.5-inch drives in a hidden drive cage at the bottom of the chassis.

The front of the chassis now has an LED-lit Razer logo in the company’s traditional green (the LEDs are actually the same colour as the ones Razer puts in their own products) and the top of the chassis features another green LED for the power button, for the hard drive access indicator, and green-coloured USB 3.0 ports.


Inside is another LED-backlit Razer logo on the top of the cable management cover (entirely removable) and underneath the chassis are two LED light strips. The side panel, which usually has a clear plastic window, now features lightly tinted plexi glass to give the window a smoked glass look.

Aside from those cosmetic changes, Razer doesn’t change anything else and the chassis will perform just as ably as the standard S340 chassis. This one will set buyers back $99.99 (approx. R1300 today) in the US starting 18 September 2015, though no pricing or availability has been announced for Canada, the UK, Europe or Asia. NZXT will sell this chassis only through their web store and it is expected to be a limited-run item. For comparison, the regular S340 retails for $69.99 (approx. R920 today).

Source: NZXT Store