Win an island with Just Cause 3

JC3 cover

We are not making this up. This is not a drill. Square Enix and Avalanche Studios (publisher and developer of Just Cause 3 respectively) have just announced what may be the most unusual competition and day-one purchase incentive for a game of all time. Hit the jump to learn how a video game can make you an island-owner.

First off, this competition is only valid to residents of America, Canada and Mexico (to a limited degree). To participate, players must buy specially marked “Day One Edition” copies of Just Cause 3, register them, and then rack up as many in-game Chaos Points as possible. Whoever has the highest points after 90 days wins an island to the value of $50,000. Hooray!

Although barely relevant to us South Africans, reading the contest rules provides some surprising comedy. For example, winners from Canada must prove their intelligence by correctly answering what the rules call a “skill-testing question”. If you want to compete with Canada, that question is “(3*6) + 12/2 – 8= ____”. In keeping with the unintentional humour, Mexican winners must “expressly submit themselves to the laws of the United States of America”. Damn, I didn’t know Donald Trump was elected president already.

Oh, and there’s a trailer as well. It’s an abomination of live-action and CGI that is so atrocious it becomes art.

And in case you’re wondering what kind of island $50,000 could buy you, the answer is this.


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