This is Cliff Bleszinski’s new game: LawBreakers


For some time now, game designer and former Epic Games public face Cliff Bleszinski has wanted the gaming world to GET HYPED about his new solo project. That new project, which was known as Project Bluestreak, has now been revealed as a free-to-play first-person shooter called LawBreakers. This will be the first title put out by Bleszinski’s new development team, Boss Key Productions.

This is an arena-based online shooter, which is pretty exciting considering the work Bleszinski has done on titles like Unreal Tournament and its myriad subsequent versions. He was also behind other shooters with outstanding multiplayer components, like the Gears of War series. And then just other totally underrated shooters, like Bulletstorm.

LawBreakers is set in the year 2105, after “clandestine government testing” cracked the surface of the moon in a disaster that has become known as “the Shattering”. With the Earth’s moon now in great big chunks above the planet, gravity has been completely scrambled, resulting in all sorts of earthquakes and sundry natural disasters. Basically, the planet is a mess.

Luckily humanity sorts their rubbish out and things seem to settle down. Huge cities are built once again, but as things become (literally and figuratively) stable, gangs start to cause all sorts of havoc. This leads to the creation of an elite fighting force, and thus we get our two factions for an online shooter: the gang-based Breakers, and the Law. Ohhhh now the game’s title makes even more sense.

According to Bleszinski, the game’s three pillars are Guns, Gangs, and Gravity. With gravity being scrambled, you can bet that manipulating this will become a key tactic in gameplay. The CGI trailer, which you can see below, makes mention of “substance abuse” and the lack of gravity resulting in “near super-human abilities”. There’ll also be jetpacks and grappling hooks (hi, Bulletstorm’s leash!) because why not provide even more tools to make an already scrambled scenario even more scrambled?

There’s potential here. Some people are naturally being put off by the “free-to-play” tagline, citing pay-to-win concerns and such. But it’s pretty early days so for now there’s not much to get uppity about. We’ll keep you posted as this develops.

Via: Eurogamer

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