MGS V: The Phantom Pain doesn’t have all installation files on disc

phantom pain

UPDATE: It’s no longer a rumour. It’s been confirmed that the game’s disc only contains an installer for Steam.

With Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain releasing today, buyers of the PC physical retail release of the game have been posting screenshots that apparently show that the disc inside the game’s box only contains the basic install files for Steam. Essentially, it adds the game on to your Steam account, and nothing else. The rumour began circulating through a Twitter post that spread all over the Internet. It’s really mind-boggling to think that Konami would take this decision at all.

You may recall that The Phantom Pain‘s PC release was originally scheduled for 15 September 2015, about two weeks after the console release on both ex-gen and current-gen consoles. Konami didn’t offer up any explanation for the differing release dates. The game is available today on Steam for $59.99 and in local retail stores for around R550.

The screenshot posted by @graphure shows that Konami chose to put just 8.78MB worth of files on the disc (it’s a CD, by the way). The rear of the MGS V box shows that the game takes up about 20GB of storage space on your PC, so if you’re on a 2MB ADSL line, you can expect to wait about 25 hours for the game to finish downloading from Steam servers. That’s just ridiculous when you’ve bought the game from a physical retailer.

Corroborating the Twitter claims is this Reddit thread in which several people have taken screenshots of the contents of the retail disc.  The disc isn’t much more than a nice coffee coaster for you once you’re done with it, since there’s nothing that requires you to ever use it again. Konami might as well have shipped an empty game box containing just the Steam key if this is all true.

We’ve reached out to Konami for comment on this rumour in the hope that this is region-specific, because it seems buying the retail PC version of The Phantom Pain won’t save you anything in terms of time or bandwidth usage.

Source: VG247