This is Fallout 4… as an isometric 2D game


Local indie dev Chris Bischoff has put together two renders that reimagine upcoming Fallout 4 as a 2D, isometric RPG. You know, like the Fallout franchise originally was until Bethesda released the first-person, open-world time-sink called Fallout 3.

With Fallout 4 hype peaking higher than a Geiger counter in Chernobyl, Bischoff sent these two renders out into the wilds of the Internet. (You can find the second one after the jump.) They’re great, not only because they’re really well done, but because they remind people where the whole Fallout series started.

Bischoff has been creating isometric art for a while, which is probably one of the main reasons he went on to create isometric sci-fi horror game Stasis. We’ve thrown our own Rick de Klerk into the blood-splattered corridors of the Groomlake. If he emerges sane and intact, he’ll bring with him a review of Stasis in the next few days.


Via: IGN Africa

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