ASUS announces the Geforce GTX 950 Strix graphics card


Joining in with the rest of the GTX 950 lineup already on the market by other NVIDIA partners, ASUS has revealed the GTX 950 Strix, based on a custom PCB design with a Strix cooler. ASUS was the first GPU vendor to offer the option to turn off the fans entirely once temperatures dropped to a certain level and with low usage levels the card will remain silent. ASUS ships the GTX 950 Strix with default clock speeds of 1140MHz on the core and 6.6GHz on the memory, boosting to a core clock of 1355MHz. ASUS bundles a copy of XSplit Gamecaster Premium (a 14-day trial) and a World of Warships Premium membership (also a 15-day trial). With a lovely cooler and ASUS’ GPU Tweak II technology, there’ll probably be quite a bit of overclocking headroom open for anyone keen on trying their hand at it. You can find out more about the GTX 950 core and local pricing by following this link.

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