This isn’t, strictly speaking, a spoiler, but there might be a few of you out there who would rather find out about this silly feature on your own. As such, I’ve hidden the rest of this article in a box, after the jump. The box has a big “SPOILER” warning on it just to be on the safe side.

But, before we begin discussing the continued breaking of the Fourth Wall in Kojima games, I need to pose this very serious and pressing question to the NAG readership: how hopelessly lost/alone/confused/bewildered/screwed would somebody be jumping into Metal Gear Solid V having NEVER played a Metal Gear game in their entire life? I’m asking for… for a cat I just met. Yeah. A cat*.

Anyway, you’re here for the silly, potentially spoilerific addition to Metal Gear Solid V. If you play the game on your birthday, Snake (whoever that is… apparently the protagonist) will get a call from Mother Base (whatever that is) about some emergency. Upon returning, he’s greeted by members of the team who begin to sing him a Happy Birthday ditty. Not the actual Happy Birthday song, but rather some slightly weird derivative thereof, which was likely chosen to avoid some obscure licensing fees that Konami would have to pay. Got to maximise that bottom line, yoh!

If, however, you have a 100% bonding rate (whatever that is) with Quiet (whoever that is), then you’ll get an additional surprise.

Another fun fact is that Snake’s birthday cake seems to be missing an entire continent in the logo decoration that has been lovingly piped onto the baked delight. Clearly Mother Base’s pastry chef failed geography.

Via: Eurogamer

*OK, fine, there is no cat. It’s me. I’ve never played a Metal Gear ever but I’ve got such horrific FOMO with Phantom Pain that I’m strongly considering diving in anyway.

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