WIN: one of five Hitman: Agent 47 hampers


Tomorrow (i.e. the 4th of September) is a great day for fans of movies, red ties and bald, terrifyingly efficient professional murder-men. It’s the day the new Hitman movie opens in cinemas, and as much as we dread the release of any new film based on a video game, we can’t help but feel a tinge of hope and excitement every time it happens. You probably know the feeling as well as we do. The feeling that this time, maybe, just maybe, everything won’t suck.

To help us celebrate that feeling, we’ve kindly been provided five nifty Hitman: Agent 47 hampers to offer five lucky readers the chance to win,

Inside each hamper you’ll find a Hitman notebook, a copy of the previous Hitman film on DVD, and a Hitman-themed tie clip that doubles as a USB flash drive. We’ve been asked to mention that the prize doesn’t include an Actual Red Tie, but we’re feeling generous, so we may just head out and buy a few red ties to send to the winners.

If you get the tingles whenever you think about the Hitman franchise and you’re a strong believer in the power of free stuff, leave us a comment below and you might just find yourself the proud owner of some new doohickies. Here, have a shot of the hamper: