Project Sanitarium lets you take a stab at developing a tuberculosis cure


The next time a conservative critic wants to deride gaming as a waste of time, you might want to point out that a developer named Radication Games has created a title that enables players to help work on treatments for tuberculosis.

That’s not hyperbole: the game, called Project Sanitarium, uses a mathematical model to determine how the disease is spread and how effective treatment can be based on historical models. Many factors come into play, such as allocating limited resources and studying accurate cellular responses to treatment. It turns out it’s actually more cost-effective than most laboratory experiments and player results may be used in actual clinical trials. In this regard it appears very similar to games such as Plague, Inc., albeit far more benevolent.

The game is still incomplete, but you can download an early development build from the official website. Who knows, your playing the game may end up one day helping to cure a tuberculosis sufferer.

In the meantime, check out the trailer below: