Those of you who grew up on a steady diet of Mega Buster-grinding were no doubt mortified to learn that Mighty No. 9, the highly-anticipated spiritual successor to Mega Man, has been pushed back to 2016, despite originally being slated for release this month.

To tide us over, Comcept has released a small browser game loosely based on Beck’s upcoming exploits, though frankly, they shouldn’t have bothered. It’s a woefully simple one-button affair wherein your protagonist continually fires his weapon and all you have to do is jump at the appropriate time. One-button games can be an absolute blast, but this is a horrid, rushed pile of junk, particularly since it’s possible to beat enemies without doing anything at all. Browse over here to play it if you must, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The game proper will be available during the first quarter of next year on all major platforms, but fans and backers alike are wary after the developers confirmed some features will be cut and asked for additional funding even after a hugely successful Kickstarter.

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