Publisher Ubisoft is building a theme park. In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. An actual theme park. With rides. Rides based on their games.


This is a thing that’s happening.

The Ubisoft Blog begins its announcement post as follows:

“Have you ever played one of Ubisoft’s games and thought, “This is fun and all, but I’d really like to experience it as a theme park ride”? Good news!”

I can’t say that I’ve ever said that to myself as I’ve hurled whichever assassin I’m currently controlling over the edge of some very high building in a Leap of Faith. Oh! That’ll probably be one of the rides; like a Tower of Terror kind of thing, but with less 1950s horror TV show influences and more shrieking eagles and haystacks.

The park will be a 10, 000 square metre indoor area, that’s being built in partnership with Malaysian theme park developer RSG. Ubisoft Motion Picture is leading the project and will develop all the footage used for the various rides. RSG will own and run the park, but Ubisoft will maintain all creative development responsibilities.

“Together we are creating a place where every guest is a player, every ride is a playground, every visit is a game,” senior vice president at Ubisoft Motion Pictures Jean de Rivières said in a statement. “In RSG, we’ve found a partner with a successful track record in working with international brands, a shared ambition to design the family destination of the future, and a wealth of expertise in theme park development.”

“Ubisoft’s intention for this park,” Rivières continued, “is to immerse people in reactive worlds where they can interact with each other and become the heroes of their own life-sized game.”

The park is supposed to open in 2020. You can start saving now for aeroplane tickets to Kuala Lampur.

Source: Ubi Blog & Press Release

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