Watch this: a new, Dwarf-flavoured trailer for Total War: Warhammer


There is no shortage of different races in the Warhammer universe. Upcoming Total War: Warhammer will include four playable races. We’ve already seen Orcs and Goblins clashing with Empire forces in that, frankly, amazing gameplay demonstration from a few weeks ago, but this new trailer showcases another popular race from the table-top game: the Dwarfs.

The Dwarfs are, as they are in most fantasy lore, a stubborn lot who live in underground kingdoms. They’re the most technologically advanced race in the Warhammer world with rifles, gyrocopters, cannons, etc. Did we mention they’re grumpy as hell and completely pig-headed? Because they are. They even keep a book called The Great Book of Grudges, which is written in the blood of whichever Dwarfen High King is currently ruling; in this case it’s High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer. The book contains, you guessed it, a list of every single slight the Dwarfen race has endured, so that they won’t forget who deserves an ass-whipping at some point in history. They’ve clearly got persecution issues.

There’s no gameplay in this trailer, but it is all in-engine footage. You’ll get to glimpse the odd unit that hasn’t been revealed yet, such as Night Goblins. I expect there will be a few more of these race-specific trailers coming up as we head towards the 2016 release of the game; probably wise considering the lore-heavy world this game is set in. For those who don’t know their Squigs from their Cold Ones, Warhammer can be a little heavy.

Check it out for yourself below.