Promotional visual novel for Minecraft’s new cross-play functionality is… wow.


So, Mojang is owned by Microsoft. No biggie, right? Except Mojang recently released a cross-play update for the Pocket Mobile and Windows 10 edition of Minecraft and decided to celebrate with a little visual novel of our terrifying dystopian future. Doki Doki Compatibility Quest: 3 sees you, a newly enrolled Windows 10 PC at Devices High, navigating the school while encountering other devices.


While the aesthetic is cheerful enough, its less-than-subliminal Big Brothering puts a icy undercoat to its sucrose toppings. Do you like sharing, friend? Do you like calling people that you’ve just met friend, brother friend? No?


Honestly though, the good ending is even more terrifying. Combined with reports that Windows 10 also likes “sharing” things, the visual novel is a weird thing. But it’s pretty amusing nonetheless, so you can play it over at Mojang’s blog here, which also has the pertinent details of the update. Friend.

Source: Mojang