It’s time for a list. A Dota 2 list. A list that contains four inspirational mentors who pushed me over the proverbial Dota 2 edge. I’ll try to make this the list-iest list you have ever read. Let’s get down to business.

Watching Dota 2 games is how I gained a better understanding of the game’s mechanics, and it helped me in becoming a better player. I would watch players with superior experience and knowledge, in the hope I’d learn enough from a stream session to come away enlightened and motivated. The streamers I list below have not been chosen purely due to their skill (although skill is something they definitely don’t lack), but rather based on their capacity to teach you Dota 2 while still being entertaining.

4. BananaSlamJamma

Brian Canavan is an American streamer who mostly streams solo queue ranked games. Now, I must admit that I don’t watch his streams nearly as much as I would like to. The reason for this is simple: he is the newest addition to my already extensive list of streamers. One of the reasons I’ve included him on this list is because he does what many viewers, including myself, long for on a stream: he interacts with his viewers. The majority of the questions asked in-game are often answered and thoroughly explained – things like why he chose a specific hero or why he is building a Diffusal Blade on Slark – a hero he can’t seem to stay away from. Brian Canavan is excellent, so be sure to check out his stream.

BananaSlamJamma Twitch channel

3. Baumi

Baumi is eccentric, but when was normal ever fun anyway? If you’re willing to watch an excellent, versatile and productive Dota player, Baumi won’t disappoint. He might stray off topic at times or concern himself over the whereabouts of his elusive cat, leaving his Dota hero to aimlessly stand admiring trees. Whoever said that Dota heroes never get time off is definitely misinformed. Kidding aside, Baumi gives great advice, his hero builds are unique and well-considered, giving you great ideas for the next time you jump into a game. Baumi also has a popular YouTube channel, which might interest you if you’re unable to sit through the entirety of his stream.

Baumi Twitch channel

Baumi YouTube channel


2. BeyondTheSummit / ESL

What better way to improve your game than to watch the pros in action? For the number 2 spot I’ve decided to share the acclaim between Beyond the Summit and the channel for the upcoming ESL Dota 2 tournament. Both these channels are dedicated to major tournaments and events. New hero combinations and strategies are usually unveiled at major tournaments, and watching how your favourite hero is played by a pro might just be what you need to improve your own game.

BeyondTheSummit Twitch channel

ESL Twitch channel

1. PurgeGamers

Kevin “Purge” Godec is my top pick on this list. 90% of my Dota knowledge today is the result of Purge’s Twitch/YouTube channels as well as his amazing Dota 2 guides. If this was high school and Dota was an exam, I would be the kid at the back of the class copying Purge’s notes. Purge provides excellent in-depth analysis into each hero, their abilities, their synergies and their weaknesses. If you’re new to Dota and haven’t checked out Purge’s channel, I would highly recommend you do so.

PurgeGamers Twitch channel

PurgeGamers YouTube channel.

Have you discovered a gem of a streamer and would like to share them with us? Do it in the comments. Who knows, my list might grow longer.

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