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destiny taken king

Greetings NAGivvixes, and thanks for spending a chunk of your Saturday (or Monday, at work, you slacker you) with us. This message is coming to you from the distant past (Tuesday) as I am in fact away on holiday until next weekend.

As such, I’ve put together one of my video editions of TWIG (still worst acronym) since two days of news isn’t worth much and I know you all just look at the pictures anyway. So just remember, if you’ve already seen one of these videos this week on the site, I actually did it first. It was just lying in wait, like a jungle cat that’s fallen asleep by accident.

Have a great week everybody.

When a DLC is called “Afterbirth”, you might expect things to get weird. This is more weird than that.

Destiny is a game people are still playing apparently, and it’s getting some DLC of which I can’t remember the name. Here’s the “cinematic trailer” though.

This is an Ant Simulator. That’s it, that’s all I’ve got. Oh, it’s in alpha.

People can’t seem to stop giving Star Citizen money. Honestly, I think at this point it’s just out of habit. Nevertheless, that money is going to more than the catering budget – check it out:

I don’t play Total War, but this Attila DLC adding three playable races sounds pretty legit.

Next up, Eurogamer asks an important question: is MGS V still worth playing if you can’t stealth for shit?

Crowfall is a Kickstarted indie PVP MMO that is currently showing off it’s pre-alpha gameplay. This one is NSFW, if your work considers a lack of textures offensive. I know I do. Also, what are you doing at work on a Saturday? They don’t appreciate you.

Here’s a game description you won’t encounter every day: procedurally generated steampunk escape simulator. This is The Swindle, available as of months ago for regular platforms but on Wii U for the first time this week.

We interrupt this newsy journalistic nonsense for one of my favourite gaming vids of all time – Robbaz’ Quest for Pants (in DayZ). This one really is NSFW.

We’ll finish strong on a double feature – Mario‘s creator on creating the most iconic level in the franchise, and Mario Maker’s creators on, well, Mario Maker.