Rumor: AMD’s R9 380X spotted in the wild

Source: Expreview

It seems like these Chinese tech sites always have some leak happening for some thing every other day, and this one piqued my interest because it might herald a new AMD graphics card that no-one has ever seen before, though I and many others have theorised about its existence for some time. According to Expreview, AMD might be getting ready to launch a new graphics card in the R9 series, called the R9 380X. It is expected that this is the full implementation of AMD’s Tonga graphics core, found in the Radeon R9 285 and R9 380 today. Hit the jump for more pics of this XFX card, which could be hiding a R9 380X GPU underneath its heatsink.

Before I go into the rumored specs, I need to have a laugh at Google’s translator service, which is often tragically bad when attempting translations from most Asian languages to English. The headline for this article on Expreview was, I kid you not, “A man shouted in the most critical is full, suspected R9 380X cards Spy Shots”.

The card shown in the pictures features the brand new XFX Double Dissipation cooler design that XFX has rolled out for their Radeon R9 380 and R7 370 graphics cards. The neat thing about this is that the fans are removable by popping up the retention clips on the cooler shroud, giving you room to clean off the heatsink properly without having to take it off.

Source: Expreview

The I/O arrangement is probably also a standard affair going by what we see in the picture. There’s a DVI port at the top and possibly another below that, leaving room open for one HDMI and one Displayport connector. The Tonga GPU family is compatible with Displaport 1.2a Adaptive Sync monitors, although it’ll most likely miss the boat for adding on HDMI 2.0.

Is this a R9 380X, though? Googling the model number above the XFX logo reveals nothing, and there are no distinguishing features on the card that might hint at the actual model (no pictures exist of the back of this card). The length seems about right, and the custom cooler design matches up (this is a legitimately new card for the R-300 family after all), but there’s nothing to prove to me which model it is. Until then, it’s just a bunch of pictures of a really pretty GPU cooler.

Source: Expreview