Destiny: The Taken King is out today; latest trailer stars YOU!


For some, Destiny was a bit of a disappointment. For others, well… those “others” are playing the game right now. They’ve taken time off work, faked illnesses, cut off a toe… basically done anything to get to stay at home and dive into the enormous expansion that is The Taken King. It’s out today! Hooray, space-pew-pewing aliens in the butt!

Whatever your take on Destiny (I enjoyed it, but not enough to keep me playing for an entire year) you need to check out this latest trailer for The Taken King. It isn’t live-action like the last one, and there’s no Led Zeppelin, but there is YOU!

If you head over to this website, you can put in your Gamertag or PSN ID, and the Destiny servers will pull your Guardian stats to populate a trailer for The Taken King. It’s very clever, and you get to see some neat percentages of your time with Destiny. It’ll also give you a totally dorky name that you can then share with all your other dorky friends on dorky social media. Check it out here; it’s good fun.