Project Morpheus is now called (wait for it) PlayStation VR



It’s the Tokyo Game Show! It’s on right NOW! Maybe not right now because it’s pretty late in Tokyo as of this minute. But earlier today Sony held a press conference, during which they announced Gravity Rush 2, a remastering of the original Gravity Rush for PlayStation 4, and an expansion for Bloodborne.

They also announced that their upcoming virtual reality headset has a final name. Since it was introduced to the world it’s been known as Project Morpheus. Well, the wait is over and from now on the device’s final name is PlayStation VR.

Yeah, we’re as shocked as you are by Sony’s naming conventions. If all things VR is something you find rather titillating, then get yourself over to “after the jump” and you’ll find a sizzle reel for PlayStation VR. It’s a Japanese trailer, so we’ll update with an English version if Sony releases one. There are, however, a number of games heading to Sony’s virtual reality headset that you can glimpse in this trailer; some we know about, and others are new, such as the co-operative family game that looks like a lot of fun.