TGS 2015: Bloodborne’s first expansion detailed

Bloodborne The Old Hunters

A while back we reported that Bloodborne would be receiving additional content this year. Some light was shed this morning at Sony’s Tokyo Game Show 2015 conference on what exactly this content will be. Hit the jump to find out all the new ways you can expect to die.

Revealed by Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, Bloodborne: The Old Hunters will focus on legendary Hunters that have so far been kept mysterious. A short video showed off new enemies and bosses, as well as remixed versions of boss battles from the original game. Prominently shown off in the trailer are new Trick Weapons, such as several curved swords, a chainsaw-like spiked wheel, a bow that looks a lot like a Dark Souls Greatbow, and what looks like a rocket-powered warhammer.

Yoshida calls this a “full-scale expansion”, implying that it will bring more than just a few additions to the game. Some new environments are briefly visible in the trailer, but it’s still unclear how much more gameplay and lore The Old Hunters will bring. The expansion will be downloadable or, in a neat move, purchased in a physical bundle with the original game, in case you missed out previously.

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters is launching digitally in Japan on November 24 2015, and the physical edition on December 3 2015. Western releases are not yet confirmed, but Bloodborne was originally launched in very quick succession in all territories, so it’s possible we can expect the same.

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