Start your Total War collection with the latest Humble Bundle

Rome 2 total war

Who doesn’t like charity? Charitable acts make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The latest Humble Bundle once again allows you to show some goodwill to your fellow real-life humans before crushing virtual humans in massive-scale RTS battles. Yep, Creative Assembly’s Total War is the star of the latest bundle.

The “pay what you want” level of the bundle gets you the original Shogun: Total War Collection, Medieval II: Total War, in-game gold for Total War Battles: Kingdom, beta access to Total War: Arena as well as a 3D printable bust, several Total War eBooks, the soundtrack for Total War: Rome, an illustrated campaign map for the upcoming Total War: Warhammer (the website doesn’t specify, but it’s safe to bet that this is a digital map), and Viking: Battle for Asgard.

Paying more than the average gets you the original Medieval: Total War and Empire: Total War collections. There’s also a coupon for a 66% discount on Total War: Attila, and in-game coins for Total War: Arena. More games are set to be added to the bundle next week, so maybe it will see the addition of Shogun 2.

The $15 tier gets you Total War: Rome II, two campaign packs, and two culture packs. There’s also a $30 tier that gets you a TW shirt, and the website says worldwide shipping is included. In case you’re wondering, the proceeds from this bundle benefit five causes: SpecialEffect, Royal Surrey Hospital, Willow Foundation, Walking with the Wounded [UK], and Boon Lotts Elephant Sanctuary. It’s nice to know that your money can benefit both your Steam games list and some worthy causes.

Find all this on the Humble Bundle site, but be sure to act before it ends on the 29th of September. Check out footage of upcoming Total War: Warhammer here and here.

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