Electronic Arts has, rightly so, made a big deal about the female soccer players that are joining the roster of playable teams in FIFA 16. The game launches next week, but the publisher has been forced to make last minute adjustments to the female players’ roster. A total of 13 players have been removed from the final game in order to satisfy the America’s NCAA: the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

The NCAA monitors college-level athletes and is currently looking after over 460, 000 college athletes across a range of sporting activities. They ensure that student athletes get good marks and a balanced student life while playing for university teams. The NCAA also has a college league of teams, and it’s a big deal to be a part of that NCAA league for your respective sport. The NCAA has told EA that 13 of the female players that were supposed to appear in FIFA 16 are not allowed to do so because it will jeopardise their “eligibility” to be a part of the NCAA, and to attend NCAA-sanctioned universities.

A total of 11 of these players are already in NCAA teams and schools, but there are another two who are poised to join the association. EA is understandably miff about this; the NCAA is saying “nope”.

“We do not agree with this position,” EA said in a statement. “All rights were secured following standard protocol with national governing bodies and federations, and none of these NCAA student-athletes or potential student athletes were to be individually compensated by EA SPORTS for their inclusion in the game.”

It is, however, too late as the 13 players have been removed from the game’s source code .That means that this was done in time so that the final discs that ship around the world won’t include these 13 players to be patched out later.

Hooray for sports politics! This actually isn’t the first time that EA has had a run-in with the NCAA. The body has exclusive rights to all college-level athletes, and EA found themselves in court and responsible for a $40 million pay out to the NCAA in recent years.

You can find the list of 13 removed athletes in the source link below.

Source: EA
Via: Polygon

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