Developer Creative Assembly recently had a bunch of international press over to get some hands-on time with upcomgin Total War: Warhammer. Our invite was obviously lost in the post (thanks for nothing, SAPO) so we didn’t get to go, but we’ve got the next best thing: a 15 minute playthrough of what was shown off.

This playthrough is done by Creative Assembly team members, which means that there’s all sorts of interesting commentary and background provided on the various units that you’ll see in the battle. This battle takes place in an expansive Dwarf cave that’s become overrun by the Greenskin horde. So, expect to see loads of goblins, trolls, spider-riders, and even a giant wading into the fray against a resolute Dwarf force that’s made up of Slayers, gyrocopters, and loads of cannons.

Arguably the most interesting aspect on show here is the game’s HUD. Things are looking a little, shall we say, cluttered? But that’s kind of par for the course insofar as Total War games go. That being said, the banner on the left of the screen provides a great overview of the units you’ve got selected. This will be a MASSIVE help to those who are new to the Warhammer world.

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