Age of Mythology is getting a new expansion 12 years after the last one


There’s been a trend lately to produce expansions for really old games, but we’re not complaining. The latest on the list is Age of Mythology, which is set to receive a Chinese-themed expansion called Tale of the Dragon later this year. This comes 13 years after the original game was released and 12 years since the last expansion, The Titans. Both titles were recently updated and released on Steam as Age of Mythology: Extended Edition.

The news of this expansion follows on the heels of another expansion in the works, The African Kingdoms, which will be available for Age of Empires II HD. Both are being produced by the same developers (SkyBox Labs and Forgotten Empires), though those busy bees will take some time out of their schedule to inform us mortals about the Tale of the Dragon expansion in an upcoming Twitch session on October 2nd. You might want to jot that date down.


Many of us have fond memories of unleashing Titans on hapless foes and subjecting them to our god powers. It should be interesting to see an oriental take on a familiar formula.

Source: Forgotten Empires announcement

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