Oh man, this is late. Like, the latest. I first learnt about Battle Chasers: Nightwar a few weeks back, shortly before the five-human team at Airship Syndicate (a studio founded by former members of Vigil OH NO I’VE JUST REMEMBERED IT’S GONE FOREVER Games) launched their Kickstarter for the game. Sadly, because I’ve had 100,000 other things to do, I haven’t had the chance to write about it and bring it to the attention of anyone out there who hasn’t yet learnt of Nightwar‘s existence.

Let’s change that, shall we?

Nightwar is what you get when you combine Battle Chasers (the most influential comic book in renowned comic book / video game artist Joe “Joe Mad” Madureira’s repertoire, which famously ended on an infamous cliffhanger) with Airship Syndicate’s love of Japanese role-playing games. It is beautiful. Madureira’s art style (which you’ll be very familiar with if you played Darksiders or its sequel) is as striking as ever, and the game uses a combination of hand-painted textures and combined 2D/3D trickery to create a truly captivating aesthetic.


Naturally, it’ll continue the Battle Chasers story, and that’s sure to get fans of the comic books all revved up. Expect to see all your favourite characters sporting their iconic personalities and abilities. The game is being designed so as to combine traditional JRPG mechanics with more modern sensibilities. There’ll be random generation. There’ll be traps. There’ll be loot. There’ll be ludicrous swords. And there’ll be a variety of horrible beasties eager to rearrange your face into something resembling steaming-hot Jungle Oats.

I’m not much of a fan of JRPGs, but I’m not about to let that put a damper on my excitement for Nightwar. I love the Darksiders franchise, and if the team at Airship can work their magic on JRPGs just as they did on the Legend of Zelda formula, count me in.

There’s currently a Kickstarter campaign running for the game, which you’re free to throw money at even though it soared well beyond its $500,000 goal within just a few days. Even if you’re not keen to part with your cash just yet, be sure to visit the campaign page to learn more about the game and the team’s vision for it.

Check out the pitch video below: