Blizzard’s Overwatch just got two new characters


Blizzard’s Overwatch, for the uninitiated (where have you been!?), is the developer’s upcoming take on a free-to-play, online, team-based shooter. Think Team Fortress 2 but with less hats and more cybernetic gorillas. Now that’s some gaming character diversity and representation right there.

Two particular demographics that are still crying out for representation in the game are the “pathological arsonist” and “mildly S&M-inspired mass murderer” demographic. Good news for them: Blizzard has those groups covered with two new characters. Meet Jamison “Junkrat” Fawkes and Mako “Roadhog” Nutledge.

Blizzard introduced the duo in a “Moment in Crime Special Report” trailer featuring Junkrat and Roadhog. There’s no gameplay, but there’s some fun background fluff on the new additions to the playable characters roster. Roadhog will fill a “tank” role in the game, while Junkrat is classed as a “defense” character.

Now that you’ve met the two, you can check out their abilities trailers below:

Source: Overwatch