First-person space survival adventure Adrift has been delayed to 2016


If you’ve been holding out for the September 2015 release of first-person space game Adrift (sorry) ADR1FT, then I’m afraid there’s a spot of bad news: it’s now only coming out in 2016. You can blame Oculus for that, because the game was apparently “handpicked” to become an Oculus Rift launch title. That means that all other versions of the game have been hit with the same delay; even those platforms that won’t support the Rift anyway.

If you want an actual, concrete release date then you’re out of luck I’m afraid, because ADR1FT will launch on the same day as the Oculus Rift consumer version (hence the term “launch title” but I’m sure we didn’t need to explain that). And anyone who is currently frothing at the mouth for an Oculus Rift (me!) will tell you there is no release date outside of “Q1 2016”. So I guess that’s as close to a “concrete” release date for ADR1- stuff it- Adrift as we’re going to get.

In case you need a reminder: Adrift is the game that ex-Microsoft employee Adam Orth went on to develop after his career imploded when he told the Internet to “deal with it” in response to outrage over the Xbox One’s requirement for a permanent online connection. It was awkward and dramatic and I’m sure many of you remember the Twitter fiasco that ensued.

Adrift will float onto PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Eventually.

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