Minecraft, Netflix, Twitch and more heading to Oculus Rift


The Oculus Connect 2 event, which is a conference aimed at developers, is coming to a close today, but there’s been some exciting stuff announced. Not as exciting as an actual release date and price, but exciting nonetheless.

For a start, Minecraft will be getting official Oculus Rift support. To be more specific, the Windows 10 version of Minecraft will be getting it. If you’re still playing the original Java build of the game, then you’ll have to stick to third-party mods like the wonderfully named “Minecrift”.

Then, Oculus has not wasted any time in ensuring that their upcoming VR headset has a ton of stuff to watch on it. The company has signed deals with Netflix, 20th Century Fox, and Lionsgate to bring a whole library of movies that can be streamed to your Rift. John “I made Doom but now play with VR Headsets” Carmack was involved in creating the Netflix VR app, which you can read about here.

In addition to film and series, Oculus has inked deals with online video applications like Vimeo and Twitch. All of this content will be streamed to you in a virtual theatre. With Twitch you’ll be able to join friends in avatar form to watch streams together.

Oculus also announced partnerships with Intel, Alienware, Nvidia, AMD, Asus, and Dell for a new “Oculus Ready” program. This is aimed at educating the consumer and steering people towards buying PCs that will provide a good VR experience. Expect to see “Oculus Ready” logos popping up on pre-built machines and laptops in the coming months.


If you’re rather in the market for mobile VR, then the final consumer version of the Gear VR headset is for you. The Samsung VR headset was given a final price of $99, and it will be launching in the US in November 2015 with another 40 territories to follow after that. It’ll be compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note5, the Galaxy S6 edge +, the Galaxy S6, and the Galaxy S6 edge.

Finally, the VR company revealed a new creative application called Oculus Medium. Designed to work in conjunction with the recently revealed Oculus Touch peripherals, the application will allow you to create all sorts of artistic… things… in virtual reality. You can check it out in a video below: