There is no single-player campaign in Rainbow Six Siege


This is a pity, especially considering the emphasis on story-telling the ill-fated Rainbow 6: Patriots had before it was canned and replaced by Rainbow Six Siege.

In a panel that took place at the Eurogamer Expo over the weekend, the game’s art director Scott Mitchell confirmed that Siege has ditched a traditional single-player campaign. Players will still get a training session, and will be able to play all of the maps against AI if they so choose.

One nice aspect is that any equipment unlocks you get while playing against AI, will be accessible when you enter an online match against other human players.

Rainbow 6: Patriots was poised to bring in some pretty heavy narrative themes with its focus on domestic terrorism in the USA. In fact, a preview of the now shelved game was used as a recruiting device for an actual domestic terrorist organisation in America. It kind of makes you wonder whether or not Ubisoft faced external pressures to ditch the provocative Patriots for something more traditional, doesn’t it?

Rainbow Six: Siege is the second major upcoming first-person shooter to drop a single-player campaign. Activision has announced that the last-gen versions of Black Ops 3 won’t have a single-player campaign either. How this pans out for both titles will be interesting to see considering previous multiplayer-only FPS games like Evolve and Titanfall.

Via: Polygon