U2 is coming to Rock Band 4


Please bear in mind that age-old adage about not shooting the messenger when you read this article. I’m sorry to say this, but U2 has been confirmed for Rock Band 4. Harmonix has managed to keep the self-promoting douche-baggery that is Bono and co. at bay for three entire releases of Rock Band; six if you include band-specific spinoffs like The Beatles: Rock Band and Green Day: Rock Band… and that weird LEGO Rock Band. In all honesty, Harmonix needs to be applauded for such a valiant effort, but as history will tell us, Bono manages to weasel his insipid self into all sorts of places he isn’t really welcome… like every iTunes library on the planet.

Sadly, you’ll have to face the horrific task of slogging your way through two U2 songs: “Cedarwood Road” and “I Will Follow”. The first track is from that Songs of Innocence album, which every iTunes user woke up one morning to find sitting on their device, like an unwanted STD. The second song is from eighties era U2, which I’m told is better than contemporary U2, but that’s like saying being kicked in the balls is better than being punched in the balls.

If Harmonix has a sense of humour, they would announce a special pre-order bonus that comes with a “U2 track list removal tool”.

Source: Twitter