The creator of The Stanley Parable is releasing a new game tomorrow


That Stanley Parable. What a load of fun it is. It’s such a gorgeous chunk of totally meta, self-referential gaming art, and people are still talking about it years after its release. Read Rogan’s review if you’d like to know why the game’s so influential. If you enjoyed it as much as I did, you’ll be pleased to know we’ll soon be getting a new game in a similar vein from developer Davey Wreden. Very soon, in fact. October 1st 2015, to be precise.

Details are sketchy, but we do know the game is called The Beginner’s Guide and will also be a first-person exploration title with a focus on narrative. The official website is kinda bare and apparently Stanley Parable co-developer William Pugh is absent from proceedings, so we can’t be too sure if the game’s tone will be entirely similar. Still, it looks even weirder and more arty than The Stanley Parable, so our interest has definitely been perked.

Check out Davey Wreden’s Twitter account to keep abreast of the release and catch up on some screenshots. And if for some odd reason you’ve never played The Stanley Parable, you should reconsider the error of your ways.

Source: PC Gamer