Solar Fields is back and creating the music for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst


Mirror’s Edge has stuck in the minds of players since 2008 for very specific reasons. One of those reasons is the game’s original soundtrack, which was created by Swedish artist Magnus Birgersson – aka Solar Fields.

EA and DICE have just revealed that, for the last 11 months, Solar Fields has been working on the soundtrack for upcoming open-world prequel Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. He claims to have created over 70GB of music for the game so far, and he’s currently reworking the original game’s theme tune for Catalyst. His description about how he’s doing this is a little technical, but it makes sense and is pretty interesting!

“I’ve been experimenting with the Mirror’s Edge theme by dissolving that piece of music using what’s known as granular synthesis. I’m playing around with these particle clouds to see what sounds are recognizable and iconic even when the music is dissolved, and to see if there are any new aspects in there I can work with.”

He uses the word “iconic” in his description, and I’m pretty sure most Mirror’s Edge fans will agree that iconic is exactly what the original soundtrack is. It’s fantastic news that Solar Fields is back on board for the next game.

There’s a lengthy interview with the musician over on the official Mirror’s Edge website. You can also listen to a sample of his upcoming work below.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is out for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on 23 February 2016.