Humble Monthly Bundle launched

Humble Monthly Bundle

The folks over at Humble have just launched a new project called the Humble Monthly Bundle, essentially a monthly subscription service that brings you great games. Read on to learn how it works.

You sign up for Humble Monthly Bundle by paying a $12 monthly fee, and in return you’ll receive some PC games on the first Friday of the month. Humble calls these games “highly curated”, meaning that subscribers can expect to get awesome games out of the deal. Much like the regular Humble Bundles, the games are kept a tightly-wrapped secret until they become available, which means subscribers get SURPRISE games every month. Each game in every bundle is the subscriber’s to keep, even if they cancel their subscription. The Humble Monthly page also promises that these games won’t have previously been featured in other bundles.

The first Monthly Bundle will be available in November. To tide subscribers over until then, Humble is giving away copies of Legend of Grimrock II as soon as you sign up, which normally costs $23.99 on Steam. So, you know, that’s quite good value.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a Humble project if it didn’t benefit charity. Humble confirms that 5% of monthly fees benefit charity, and I’m assuming they will announce the associated charities every month. If you’re interested, check out the Humble Monthly Bundle page or the FAQ for more details about signing up.

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