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Hello once again NAGuxxens, and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. This time around we have blinging new hardware for your PS4, an Activision Twitter disaster, a significant victory for gamers against dodgy business practices and a video-game based miniseries. Then it’s Yoshida discussing the PS4’s big issue right now, Twitch chat achieving the impossible, progress is made on Mighty No. 9 and an exciting new release is as great as you want it to be. That, more news, videos, and highlights from the week, after the jump.

Console News

You know what you really don’t need, but might want anyway? Blinging PS4 controllers. Priced at a not-at-all reasonable R999, these silver and gold monstrosities will be available at several South African retailers on 18 November.

The jury is still out on whether these actually look good, so I’d leave the price tag attached just so everyone knows you’re literally bathing yourself in soggy R100 notes.

ps4 gold controller ps4 silver controller

Meanwhile, Activision was orchestrating yet another ill-advised marketing campaign that ended in Twitter uproar, by announcing a fictional terrorist attack in Singapore.

I know you’re probably thinking the same thing I did – who’s going to take news from a Call of Duty Twitter seriously? To make things more interesting, they changed their name to “Current Events Aggregate”, complete with a custom logo.

As you can imagine, the series of tweets (which only specified themselves to be fiction at the end), were not particularly well received. Did this cause any actual widespread panic? Of course not, but the internet laws of political correctness are well in place, and a giant games publisher should have known what would come of this.

A victory for gamers in the UK this week, with massive changes to the Consumer Rights Act. Gamers now have the option to return a “faulty” game within 30 days, no questions asked.

That means the likes of Arkham Knight and Assassin’s Creed: Unity would be subject to this new ruling, were they to be released today.

My first thought was that this would possibly be open to abuse, but that isn’t true. Games that are working perfectly well aren’t subject to this law, which means that the only publishers who could get screwed are those who release buggy, broken games.

And I think I’m okay with that.

Yeeeeaaaah, I'm okay with it.
Yeeeeaaaah, I’m okay with it.

SOMA has been making waves since release, Frictional Games’ creepy, atmospheric explorer has done pretty well for itself.

So well, in fact, that the game has a live-action miniseries. This no-doubt atrociously acted series functions as a prequel to the game, adding a bit more substance to the video game’s story.

Frictional plans to release an episode a day until Monday (started Thursday). They claim there’s minor spoilers, but those in the know say you might want to play the game first.

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Gaming News

Playstation 4 is well ahead in the console race, but even the fans have complained about the lack of AAA exclusives on the platform.

Now Shuhei Yoshida has said himself that Sony “has work to do” in bringing more quality exclusive content, particularly considering the PS4’s overwhelming exceeding of sales expectations.

Although, according to Yoshida, that’s actually part of the problem.

“Typically–it’s ironic in a sense–when a platform’s doing really well, studio side kind of struggles,” he said. “It probably has some relationship to these two things. When a platform’s doing well, third-parties support it more. So from a pure software standpoint, there’ll be more competition. When the platform’s not doing so well, our games become more prominent, and we get larger market share within the same platform.”

That sounds logical, and I’m not smart enough to disagree with him.

After conquering Pokemon, the Twitch audience had seemingly reached the pinnacle of their ability to work together. Not so.

This week, the gathering of trolls and miscreants actually managed to somehow finish Dark Souls, with a modded version of the game allowing the chat to make decisions and control the action.

This means there’s several pauses for the Twitch circus to try and reach some kind of consensus, but the video of the game’s end edits all of those out so it looks more impressive.

Still, I’m just amazing that Twitch chat can achieve… well, anything, really.

Mighty No. 9, the so-called spiritual successor to Mega Man, has done seemingly little else but disappoint fans with frequent delays and a somewhat disappointing look and feel.

Developer Comcept had good news this week, however, allowing the Kickstarter backers access to the demo, and announcing an official release date of the 9th of February.

It feels like this game has a lot to live up to with the Mega Man name and Inafune attached to it, and so far it certainly hasn’t delivered. With a demo out in the wild, we should be getting a good indication soon of what the final game’s reception will be like.

Finally, I was pleased to see this week that the creator of The Stanley Parable has released a new game – seemingly similar, and yet completely different.

The unconventional approach remains – a narrator, no real action or puzzle-solving to speak of, but the likeness ends there.

This game, entitled “The Beginner’s Guide”, has the protagonist exploring the video game creations of a man named Coda, in an effort to better understand the inner workings of his mind, his personality and his eccentricities.

Eurogamer gave it a glowing review, which you can read here. In the meantime, check out this trailer:

Sources: Gamespot, PC Gamer, PC Gamer, Eurogamer


We’ll kick things off with this week’s latest insane GTA V mod – an alien invasion.

Then, Guild Wars 2 finally gets it’s enormous Heart of Thorns expansion – you can see the release trailer below:

The new Hitman game hasn’t been shy to show off it’s gameplay, and this week we get a 47 minute (see what they did there) presentation, complete with lengthy playthrough of a mission seen before – but this time it’s done with a totally different playstyle.

Blizzard wants you to remember that Starcraft 2 still exists, and still isn’t finished – Legacy of the Void, the final expansion, drops soon. To get you in the mood, Blizzard has released this short animated clip which does a good job of recapping the game’s most advanced race.

Best of NAG

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