Four games to play with friends at rAge 2015

Rage dome

Ah, games. Games are really, really great. And rAge 2015 will have tons of them! Video games, card games, board games, and more. But if you want more than the usual fare at rAge, then we have some suggestions for other games to play. Hit the jump for rules, score cards and fun!

4: Luggage Roulette

Here’s one for a group of friends who are flying to rAge. You know that boring wait at the luggage conveyor belt where you’re all kind of standing around waiting for your bags? You know what would improve that wait? Gambling, that’s what.

The rules are simple: whoever’s bags come out last on the conveyor belt is the loser, and the loser has to buy drinks (or ice-cream if you’re underage). To make things more interesting, you could even place bets on the order of the luggage, with your own rules and penalties. Granted, this game won’t be the most riveting one on the list. But hey, you’re waiting for suitcases, how else did you plan on passing the time?

3: Cosplay Bingo

Cosplay is always popular at gaming and entertainment expos, bingo is noticeably less so. But there’s no reason not to combine them into a new game. See the scorecard below? You and a group of buddies should save it, print it, and take it with you to rAge.

Cosplay Bingo

As you see above, it’s a 6-by-6 grid of popular and obscure cosplay ideas. When you spot someone actually dressed up in the manner described on the block, tick it off. When you have ticked off a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row of six blocks, yell “BINGO!” at the top of your voice and announce yourself as the winner to your friends. Obviously, some of the blocks will be more difficult to find than others, so this game is best played over the course of the weekend. The losers must buy the winner a victory round of Mountain Dew and Doritos, or other stereotypical snack.

2: Business Card Trumps

Remember Top Trumps? It was a collectible card game with different themes like motorcycles, cars, post-modernist authors, or planes. Players would compare different stats of the items depicted, and the winning stat earned the winner a new car. Business Card Trumps is nothing like that, it was just the best name I could come up with.

Here’s how it works: stand holders and rAge exhibitors are always eager to self-promote, and will pass on business cards and pamphlets like they’re video tapes that kill in seven days. Whoever in your circle of friends can collect the most unique business cards at rAge in a day wins. In the event of a tie, count the number of job titles on your cards (like “VP of sales”, “freelance artist”, “community manager”, etc). Some cards have more than one job title on them, and you can use that figure as your score. The winner gets… I don’t know, all the losers to “Like” any one thing that they post on Facebook, regardless of content.

1: The Great rAge 2015 Treasure Hunt

Ah, treasure hunts. One of those childhood activities that hasn’t gotten a cool revival like Frisbees or LEGO buildings have. Regardless, the last time you did a treasure hunt, you probably weren’t in a massive dome filled with cool stuff and surrounded by hordes of people, so this one should be pretty cool.

rAge treasure hunt


See the list above? Gather your friends, and make sure they all have one. Then, start a Facebook events page or group that only your competing friends can post on. Go to rAge, find an item on the list, and upload a picture of the item to the Facebook page. Tick the item off the list, and compete to see who can find the most items. Obviously, if you need to take a picture of someone, get their permission first, or blur their features when you upload. Whoever posts the most items from the list wins, and is officially crowned “Potential Future Saviour of Humankind”.