rAge 2015: Amped is ready to charge you up (stand #92)


In a world seemingly ruled by mobile phones and tablets, we’re still surprisingly affected by battery technology. Although standards like QuickCharge do help a bit with the issue of slimmer devices having smaller batteries in them to combat the size changes, it’s just not the same thing as having a phone’s battery keeping it powered for a week. Many, many manufacturers and designers have come up with very interesting battery banks to help supplement your need for power, and Amped is a local company that sells products for people who aren’t always near to a wall socket for charging devices, among other things. Hit the jump for more details.

Amped will be showing off one of their newest battery banks, the Stealth 6.1, pictured above. It is a 6000mAh battery bank with charging outputs ranging from a built-in micro USB cable capable of delivering 1A of current, while a separate full-sized USB port can charge devices at 2A rates. The bank itself charges off a 2A wall charger and in total weighs 156 grams. You can currently buy one off their store for R465, but if you’re not sure about it yet, make a turn by their stand to check it out.

Amped also sells a range of charging cables, batteries in other sizes, and even inverter kits, which come with a 102Ah battery plugged in already. Eskom’s power woes seem to be on hold for now, but if you’re keen on figuring out some arrangement to keep your tech powered while the lights are out, these guys might be the ones to talk to at rAge.

Check out their store: Amped