rAge 2015: Kaos Theory VR (stand #10)


rAge 2015 has a surprising amount of stands that will have some sort of VR demo running this year, and one of those will be Kaos Theory VR. New to the expo, these guys offer ICT services to the healthcare industry and work with many companies in building up a corporate strategy that includes how to sell tech to other people. Why does a company that caters to other companies’ IT needs have a VR-laden stand at rAge expo? That’s a mystery I hope to solve when I stop by their stand this weekend.

At Kaos Theory’s stand, there’ll be two Oculus Rift demo kits running for show-goers to blow their minds with, running on high-end PCs that meet Oculus’ recommended specifications for running VR for your games. One of these demos will be showing off Project Cars, a game developed by Slightly Mad Studios that I reviewed for NAG Magazine earlier this year (spoiler alert: I gave it 90/100!). Project Cars, along with Assetto Corsa, were one of the earliest racing titles to have built-in support for the Rift, so this should be quite smooth in terms of the overall experience. There’ll be a Logitech racing wheel hooked up as well, for extra realism.

So much YES. So much.
So much YES. So much.

The other demo will have a Rift on the Star Wars Battlefront beta. This demo will be controlled by an Xbox One controller, but it’ll serve as a good example of the playing experience for anyone looking to buy something like the PlayStation VR headset, or running a Rift on their own PC with a handheld controller. Maybe we need to go back to using peripherals similar to the Power Glove…

Finally, if you’re interested in using VR or augmented reality on your phone, Kaos will also be selling Google Cardboard kits for an unannounced price. Google Cardboard allows you to use your Android phone for VR, but it needs to meet certain criteria to function properly, and must have all the right buttons in the right place.

If you’re heading to rAge this weekend (this weekend! Damn son, time flies), make a turn by stand number 10 and check out these demos for yourself. I have yet to experience VR first-hand, and I can’t wait for it to change how we interface with computers forever.

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