The next Far Cry is heading to the Ice Age


There’s a new Far Cry game coming (surprise!), but official information is scarce. The only official anything is a live stream that’s been overlaid on the Ubisoft homepage. That live stream is of a bunch of prehistoric rock paintings. There are cavemen, sabre-tooth tigers, and mammoths. Also hunting. This is the new Far Cry, which is subtitled Primal.

According to Kotaku sources, and a leak by IGN Turkey (since removed), Far Cry Primal is the next game, but whether or not it’s a Far Cry 5 kind of next title, or something more akin to Far Cry 3’s Blood Dragon spin off, is yet to be seen. It’s likely Far Cry 4’s spin-off as a number of Ice Age assets are in that game already: snow, tigers… mountains. That’s our guess anyway.

We’ll update as soon as something official is announced. In the meantime you can stare at a rock painting live stream over here.