rAge 2015: 15 made-in-SA games will be playable at the home_coded stand


If you’re visiting rAge this weekend then be sure to pop in at the home_coded booth, stand 52, where 15 games that have been made by SA game developers will be on display.

home_coded is an initiative that was started by NAG in November 2012 with an aim to showcase South Africa’s game development talent, and promote local growth in this exciting industry. Not only can you meet the local devs and chat to them about their projects and game development in general, but you’ll have hands-on time with some of the titles on the stand which consist of early-development, mid-development, and completed games.

Geoff Burrows, founder of Zero Degrees Games, explains how rAge and NAG are helping develop future game developers: “The floor space for the home_coded stand is provided at no cost, and NAG has also secured stand construction and basic facilities like lighting and electricity at minimal cost. The rest is up to the local game developers! This is not only a great marketing opportunity for the developers, but a chance to see what it’s like to have a “real” booth at a big gaming show: they have a 2x2m stand to do with what they choose. This initiative is aimed at driving local talent and creating an environment where all of our demographic groups can come together, learn together, and drive this industry into the future.”

Here’s the list of developers and what games they will be showcasing at their booth: