rAge 2015: Evetech has the most 4K demos in the expo (stand #50)


rAge expo just wouldn’t be complete without a stand from Evetech. This year’s event is no exception, but Evetech might win an award just for having the most demos on the floor with UltraHD 4K monitors hooked up to some serious gaming kit. The Evetech booth will be host to a wide range of demos that include Oculus Rift kits, dual-screen 4K setups, MSI Gaming laptops with Intel Skylake hardware inside and, I’m told, lots of goodies to give away. Hit the jump for more.

rAge this year seems to be all about the gaming experience and that’s quite evident from the number of stands confirmed to have VR demonstrations as well as 4K displays. While this hardware typically won’t make you a better gamer, it lets you enjoy the experience of playing games more than you normally would looking at a 3D world represented on a 2D plane. Chiming in with the industry trend to virtual reality, Evetech will have an Oculus Rift demo on their stage, using the DK2 headset and some serious hardware powering it all. While the Rift isn’t on sale yet (that’ll be sometime next year), you can get your hands-on time with one (or several) this weekend to make up your mind about how much you don’t need that kidney (don’t do it, though, you need it!).

Also on the Evetech stand will be a dual UHD4K setup with two Samsung 65-inch PLS curved displays, running game demos and lots of other interesting stuff. That set, together with the PC that powers them, will probably stretch a bit over R100,000 when you add it all up. There’ll also be another 4K setup for Project Cars, complete with a racing chair setup, if you want to drink in more of those pixels.


Evetech will also be the first company locally to demonstrate Intel Skylake hardware running inside gaming laptops. These will be refreshed versions of existing MSI notebooks, and you’ll be able to check out the GT72 Dominator Pro G, the GS70 Stealth, the GS60 Ghost, and the GE62 and GE72 Apache Pro notebooks. These will all feature quad-core Core i7 Skylake processors, DDR4-2133MHz SO-DIMM memory, and some might feature 4K displays as well. While you can’t buy these exquisite examples of overkill just yet, Evetech promises they’ll be selling these refreshed versions in the very near future. I’m still hoping that I spot one of these with NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 980 in them as well.

Sticking with MSI for a bit, there’ll also be a wide selection of graphics cards on display, including the newly released AMD Radeon R-300 series, the Radeon R9 Fury X and Fury Nano, the GeForce GTX 980 Ti Lightning and the very interesting GTX 980 Ti SEA HAWK, a water-cooled version of the 980 Ti that takes the fight to the Radeon R9 Fury X to try be even quieter. There will also be MSI’s entire lineup of Skylake-compatible motherboards currently available, from the ultra-cheap H110M Pro-VD all the way to the über-expensive Z170 XPOWER Gaming Titanium Edition motherboard.

Together with Megarom and Steelseries, Evetech will also be holding a competition during the rAge weekend to win a hamper from Steelseries. This will include branded clothing, a FNATIC-branded Rival mouse, a Steelseries Siberia Elite Prism gaming headset, a FNATIC-branded mouse mat, and an Apex M800 keyboard, Steelseries’ first RGB-backlit gaming keyboard with a proprietary switch designed by the company to be smaller, with less throw and quieter operation. You can enter that competition here.

Along with free stuff from MSI, Antec and Evetech being handed out throughout the weekend, Evetech will also be running several specials for rAge expo, which I’ve included below. These deals will only be available during the expo weekend, so if you were eyeing something on their site a while ago, you might want to check out the specials and see if there’ll be a price drop for it during the weekend.

rAge expo is almost here, guys! Get hyped!