rAge 2015: Play spot the bearded nerd with us!

2015 tshirts wesley

While you may be wondering if it’s a good idea to look at Chris in disgust and scurry away quickly just to confuse the poor man, you might be concerned about how you’re actually going to find any of us in the crowd. After all, nerds and beards aren’t a mutually exclusive thing when it comes to rAge expo, so much so that it’s even an entry for our treasure hunt list that we thought up for you.

Pictured above is the basic design of the shirts we’ll be wearing (I’ll be picking them up today), which have our names along with our avatars and Twitter handles printed on them for your convenience. Follow us online and in real life, and listen to Delano wax lyrical about indie games, and see Chris’ eye twitch whenever someone suggests that Dota 2 is a terrible game. Witness Rick trying to be 100% serious 100% of the time, and try to follow Matthew’s rambling as he explains why the guns in Star Wars are really just old WWII relics with new skins and better sound effects.