rAge 2015: RetroEpic Software (Stand #52HC – 10)

A Day in the Woods

Indie games and their developers have long had a strong presence at rAge, and this year is no different. I got in touch with RetroEpic Software to see what they would be bringing to the home_coded stand. Hit the jump for more.

Based in Cape Town, RetroEpic Software is an indie team that has several mobile titles and game jam projects under their belts. For rAge 2015, they’re bringing two mobile titles to let the public get their grubby paws on.

The first is A Day in the Woods, a game so charming that I’m compelled to accept its invitation to dance. The game looks like it is entirely carved from wood, and brings a twist on sliding-block gameplay. From the look of the trailer, players control a Wisp, sliding blocks to help Red Riding Hood escape from the Big Bad Wolf. And giant spiders. A spokesperson confirmed that the game will be playable on iPads at the stand, and that a new update will be unveiled (this game did make an appearance at rAge in 2013, and was covered on NAG Online).

RetroEpic’s other title will be Ginjah, a memory-matching game that promises to have a: “paw-some twist”. The descriptions for the game are similarly riddled with cat puns, so I assume there are more than a few cat lovers at RetroEpic. Anyway, little of the gameplay has been revealed, but it seems to capture that spirit of having a cat interfere with whatever you’re working on. Ginjah will be demoed at the stand on iOS.

Ginjah 1Ginjah 2












And of course, it wouldn’t be rAge without swag. Stickers and other memorabilia for both games will be available, and the games are also entirely family friendly. Obviously you’ll find me there, because mobile games are kind of my thing.

For tickets and other info, check out the rAge 2015 website.

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